Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Kekacang yang TIDAK BAIK UNTUK Kesihatan / Diet

Jom layannn... ^_^ sedikit info sharing dipagi hari...terutama kepada si dia yang diet / nak kuruskan badan tetapi layann makan baked bean...

While beans are actually one of the healthiest carbs sources out there, loaded with fiber and protein, there's actually one variety of beans you should be AVOIDING at all costs:

Baked Beans.

Fact is, manufacturers of commercial "baked beans" are completely RUINING this health food by piling in sugars galore along with a slew of artificial ingredients.

Many brands are now even including high fructose corn syrup and numerous other corn ingredients, such as corn starch, in their products...bad news!

For example, a 1-cup serving of canned "baked beans" contains more than 20 grams of ADDED sugar on average while the same 1-cup serving of regular kidney beans, pinto beans, red beans, etc, contains only a gram or two of naturally occurring sugar.  BIG difference!

That said, when buying beans and adding them to your diet (which is actually a great choice), make sure to avoid commercial "baked beans" products and instead go with bean products that don't add all the extra junk.

Some great varieties of beans and legumes are:

Pinto Beans
Red Beans
Navy Beans
Lima Beans
Black Beans
Black-eyed Peas
Marrowfat Peas
Butter Beans

And there are even some natural packaged versions of the above listed beans and legumes that add a number of healthy and natural seasonings to spice them up a bit.  The lesson here is to avoid "baked beans" in favor of the plain stuff (which you can then spice up at home) and when buying anything packaged, take a good, hard look at the ingredients and nutrition facts.

If it's got added sugar and artificial ingredients, skip it!

In addition to that, 
we also want to make sure you're aware of one particular carb that you literally should NEVER eat.  You see, this extremely common carb wreaks havoc on your fat-storing hormones in a MAJOR way, and has even been shown to hamper memory, slow brain activity, and increase your risk of Alzheimer's.

Even worse, the money-hungry food industry is conspiring to sneak this nightmare carb into just about everything.

psst: info copypaste jer dari BIO TRUST NUTRITION


Scha Nazri said...

kekadang je makan baked beans. hehe

Mizz Aiza (Dunia Kecil) said...

aiza suka makan kacang merah kak..